FYTRONIX calibration laboratory is one of the few commercialphotovoltaic and calibration test laboratories in the world. Our PhotovoltaicCalibration and Test Laboratory is accredited by NAC according to ISO/IEC 17025Standard, using state-of-the-art equipment for measurements in accordance withASTM E972, IEC60904, JIS C8912. Our laboratory performs the classification ofsolar simulators used in solar panels and solar cells and the calibration ofcurrent voltage cards with flexible timing and fast turnaround time.

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FYTRONIX is accredited to perform solar simulator classificationmeasurements at Standard Test Conditions (STC) according to ASTM E9712, IEC60904and JIS ;C 8912. These measurements include the solar simulator's AAA classification.


AAA classification of Solar Simulator

a. Spectral Matching

b. Homogeneity (uniformity) measurement

c. Instability of irradiance

    Short-term (STI) and long-term(LTI) instability.


All measurements can be traced to SI units and performance parameters(Spectral coherence, homogeneity, radiative instability)are provided withuncertainty estimates validated through international comparisons.




FYTRONIX is accredited to measure current-voltage (I-V curve) underStandard Test Conditions (STC) according to IEC 60904 for a wide variety ofdevices. The current-voltage measurements of current-voltage boards aretraceable to SI units and performance parameters (i.e. PMAX, OC, ISC, η) aresupplied with uncertainty estimates validated through internationalcomparisons.

Upon completion of the test, an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibrationcertificate is issued. Our detailed current-voltage board evaluation in the factoryallows module manufacturers to minimize their rating tolerances.



FYTRONIX is accredited to measure current-voltage (I-V curve) underStandard Test Conditions (STC) according to ASTM E972, IEC60904 and JIS C 8912for a wide variety of devices. These measurements range from 10mm x10mmresearch scale devices to 2.5m x 2.5m commercial modules. Cells are measuredwith a steady-state dual light source solar simulator and modules are measuredwith an ir light solar simulator. Section measurement is performed to minimizethe effects of hysteresis. All measurements are traceable to SI units andperformance parameters (i.e. Pmax, Voc, Isc, η) are supplied with uncertaintyestimates validated through international comparisons.

Upon completion of the test, an ISO/IEC 17025accredited calibrationcertificate is issued.

Our detailed simulator evaluation in the factory allows modulemanufacturers to minimize their rating tolerances.



Our accredited services also include the calibration of pyranometers andreference cells used for irradiance measurements. Both are calibrated in oursteady state solar simulator with excellent long and short term irradiance stability,homogeneity and spectral matching. Mismatch factor correction is applied to PVdevices, resulting in a minimal increase in measurement uncertainty above thereference standard used for calibration.

We provide comprehensive qualification of solar simulators for use inthe production of PV modules and issue recognized certificates to simulatormanufacturers. Our experts serve many customers around the world, providingvalidation, classification and certification as well as reliable testing andprecise results. On-line measurements also allow PV module manufacturers tooptimize existing systems to increase in-line power control accuracy.



All measurements are performed under standard conditions (SRC) with 25 oCtemperature, 1 SUN (1000 W/m2) total irradiance and AM 1.5G spectral irradiance(IEC 60904-3). Upon completion of the test, an ISO/IEC 17025 accreditedcalibration certificate is issued. The certificate includes:

• Measured total area of the device

• EQE and IV curves for the device

• Spectral irradiance spectrum of the solar simulator

• Spectral response of the reference solar cell

• Expanded uncertainties

• Electrical performance parameters of the solar cell

• Short Circuit Current (Isc)

• Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

• Current at Max Power (Imax)

• Voltage at Max Power (Vmax)

• Max Power (Pmax)

• Spectral Correction (M)

• Fill Factor (FF)

• Efficiency(n)

The laboratory welcomes requests for prototype PV device performancemeasurement or PV reference cell calibrations.

An integral part of solar simulatorcalibration and solar cell I-V characterization, the FYTRONIX Reference cellconsists of a reading device and a 2 x 2 cm caliber solar cell made ofmonocrystalline silicon. The cell is also equipped with an assembledthermocouple according to IEC 60904-2. The certification is accredited by NACto the ISO-17025 standard and is traceable to both the National RenewableEnergy Laboratory (NREL) and the International System of Units (SI). solarsimulator irradiance in "solar" units; 1000 W/m2 equals 1000 W/m2 at25 °C and Air mass 1.5Global Reference

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