• LED Solar Simulator


LED Solar Simulator provides i
llumination Approximating
natural sunlight (AM1.5G)
In the wavelength range of 350
to 1100 nm.
It assures controlled and repeatable laboratory
Conditions of spectral content, spatial uniformity
And temporal stability for photo-electrochemical
Experiments meeting class AAA specification.
Unlike traditional solar simulator based on
Xenon short-arc lamp and metal halide discharge lamp,
This concept is using high-power LED technology.
Solar simulator automatically measure the photovoltaic parameters as follows
Open circuit voltage (Voc), Short Circuit current (Isc), Fill factor (FF), Voltage at Pmax (Vmax)
Current at Pmax (Imax) , Maximum power output (Pmax), Shunt resistance (Rsh) •
Series resistance (Rs), Characteristic resistance of solar cell (Rch) •
Solar cell efficiency (n)

BNC cable connection
Banana cable connection
Four probes
Any two probes are used to I-V, I-t and
V-t measurements
Positions of probe can be changed
The height of probe stage is manually adjusted y micro positioner

Application: Solar cell, photodiode, photo sensor
Solar types: Dye sensitized solar cell, Perovskite thin film solar cell, Quantum dots sensitized
solar cell, silicon solar cell, Organic solar cells, Thin film solar cells.

FY-8000 Specifications
o Solar Simulator Class:AAA
o Non-uniformity for intensity < 2% (uniformity class A) according IEC60904-9, ASTM ASTM E927-10, JIC 8912
o Temporal Instability: less than 2% Classification A (IEC 60904-9 2007) A (JIS C 8912) A (ASTM E927 - 10)
o Spectral Match :Class A (IEC 60904-9 2007) A (JIS C 8912) A (ASTM E927 – 10)
o Air Mass AM 1.5G Filter
o Light source: LED
o LED Lifetime :≥20000 hours
o Individual LED Control by Software
o Output Spectral range :350-1100nm
o Output Power: 0-100mW/cm2 Continuous adjustable from 0 to 1.0 sun
o Illumination Area :51x51(mm)
o Working Distance : 10 Inches
o Additional Adjustment :100 mm vertical adjustment apart from working distance
o Alignment and intensity correction: Laser Diode
o Fast turn on time, <200 ms and User settable Independent spectral Band Control for bands from 350 to 1100 nm.
o Laser Diode inbuilt integrated Spectrometer and intensity sensor for automatic on the fly correction
o Software controlled flash mode (10ms and above) as well as continuous mode irradiance time Active cooling for stable operation long intervals.

o Solar simulator can be used for Long exposure time for high-efficiency solar cells
o IR Absorbing Water Filter
o Silicon solar cell for calibration

Accessories Included with System
1. Adapter for Horizontal and Vertical orientation of the Simulator
2. Mounting breadboard for mounting the Solar Simulator
3.Solar Reference Cell with Meter
3. Solar Reference Cell Calibrated WPV Reference solar cell with integrated temperature sensor and cable, Reference solar cell is traceable with NREL calibration certificate
Calibrated Reference solar cell with thermocouple along with Meter to measure illumination in Sun units. 0 to 2.5 Sun measurement range of meter Reference cell having calibration certificate

ASTM E927-10 Standard Specification for Solar Simulation for Photovoltaic Testing
ASTM E948-09 Standard Test Method for Electrical Performance of Photovoltaic Cells Using
Reference Cells Under Simulated Sunlight
ASTM E973-10 Standard Test Method for Determination of the Spectral Mismatch Parameter
Between a Photovoltaic Device and a Photovoltaic Reference Cell
ASTM E1021-12 Standard Test Method for Spectral Responsivity Measurements of
Photovoltaic Devices
ASTM E1143-05 (Reapproved 2010) Standard Test Method for Determining the Linearity of
a Photovoltaic Device Parameter with Respect To a Test Parameter
ASTM E1362-10 Standard Test Method for Calibration of Non- Concentrator Photovoltaic
Secondary Reference Cells
ASTM G138-12 Standard Test Method for Calibration of a Spectr oradiometer Using a
Standard Source of Irradiance
ASTM G177-03 (Reapproved 2112) Standard Tables for Reference Solar Ultraviolet Spectral
Distributions: Hemispherical on 37° Tilted Surface
IEC 68091 Ed. 2.0 (2009-12) Standard Photovoltaic devices – Procedures for temperature and
irradiance corrections to measured I-V characteristics
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measurements of photovoltaic devices IEC 60904-8 Ed. 2.0 (1998-02) Measurement of
spectral response of a photovoltaic (PV) device
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JIS C 8912 (1998) through Amendment 2 (2011) Solar simulators for crystalline solar cells
and modules
JIS C 8913 (1998) Measuring method of output power for crystalline solar cells

LED Solar Simulator

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