• Referece Solar Cell
The reference cell is used for the determination of solar simulator irradiance levels. 
FYTRONIX uses it to calibrate the solar cells indoor. The calibration is done against an established set of reference cells calibrated at NREL These references are measured each year at the International Spectroradiometer Intercomparison (ISRC) to ensure trace-ability. This all results in a lower cost reference cell that is very well suited for indoor applications.

Key features Silicon Reference Cell:
Lower cost reference cell
Irradiance and temperature readout
Calibrated against traceable reference set
Protective Quartz (standard) or KG glass window
Integrated with Tracer IV software
Several filter options (KG# window)  to match spectral response
Including full calibration report (IV curve plot, Isc, Voc, I, Vmpp, Fill Factor and Efficiency)
Including 4-wire cable to measure cell
Including  PT100 connector (LEMO) to measure temperature

Silicon Reference Cell (FYS-1001)
Open Silicon Reference Cell (FYS-1002)

Referece Solar Cell

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