• Chemotherapy of Cancer 9000

   Chemotherapy of Cancer 9000

Cancer Chemotherapy SYSTEM
Photothermal Therapy

Photothermal therapy (PTT) is an emerging therapeutic modalitybased on the generation of a far-infrared wave by an optically excitedmaterial. Withthe development of photo- thermic (PT) agents, such as conjugated organic groups, carbonnanotubes, andmetal-based nanocrystals, PTT has been widely used for tumor imaging and treatment.The NIR laser source was equipped with a 4 mmdiameter laser module with an adjustable power. The photothermal conversionefficiency, η, is calculated using Equation (3) described by Roper


where h is the heat transfer coefficient,S is the surface area of the container, Tmax is the equilibriumtemperature, TSurr is the ambient temperature of the surroundings, QDisis the heat dissipation from the light absorbed by the quartz sample cell, I isthe incident laser power (0.8 W cm−2), and A is the absorbance ofthe MoTe2-PEG-cRGD nanosheets at 808 nm

Chemotherapy of Cancer 9000

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