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Sol Gel coating process is one of the commonly used liquid phasedeposition methods for the formation of thin films. The technology of this processis based on dipping a substrate into a solution at a controlled rate andcoating the solution onto a substrate.
After the liquid component of this solution has dried, a solidthin film remains on the substrate. Therefore, the importance of adhesion andcohesion forces between the substrate and the solution is process-related.
FYTRONIX SOL GEL THIN FILM COATING DEVICE is a device forgrowing thin films or quantum dot thin films. This device is widely used inindustry and academia. The film thickness of the films is controlled by the pHof the solution or the dip cycle of the coater. The retraction rate can becontrolled with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.







Fytronix Sol Gel Thin Film Coater isa touch screen and microprocessor controlled device used in thin filmtechnology.


Screen: 7 Inch Touch Screen

Thin Film Deposition method:Multiple film deposition methods

Speed: 11-1650 Rad/S

Cycle: 0-1000

Position: x=xo+ in yxmicrometer/s,1-280 mm


Coatingmethods: Static nanocoating, organic and hybrid coating methods

 Coating process:  Nano, organic and hybrid coatings

Coatingat variable times

Constantspeed and variable time coating: 10 s, 20 and 30 s, 40 s, 50s, 60s

Thesystem is capable of coating at 9 speeds at the same time and at each fixedspeed, starting from the first speed and up to 9 speeds respectively.

Thelast used recipe is memorized

Thesample holder is able to hold the substrate by vacuuming from a single hole.

Thin-filmcoating device, vacuum holding of the substrate

Optionto manually test itself in case of device failure

Manuallyrotate at desired speed

Settingmenu of the coater

Theminimum speed of the device is 11 rad/s

 Maximum speed of the device is 1650 rad/s

 7 inch capacitive touch control unit

Tomemorize the last used method.

Automaticstart feature when the RUN key is pressed

Waitingfeature for the desired time before the device coats

Filmoverlay warning

Abilityto reach the desired speed and start the coating time after the reached speed


Inthe nano coating process, when the device reaches the desired speed, the devicegives the user a time for the film coating time and adjusts this time to thedesired value from the screen.

Inthe hybrid coating method, the device is set to at least 9 variable speeds.

 After the device reaches the initial speed,coating for the desired coating time

Thefeature of coating by going to the 9th speed after the 1st speed, respectively.

 Programming is done separately for 3 steps, 4steps and 5 steps.


Variable  acceleration and deceleration

Thecoater is to make 5-layer film coating and wait for each coating, to obtainsolid film. and then the ability to obtain it as a multilayer film

Deviceautomatic coating ability

Mainmenu inputs:  initial position position,coating length, coating speed, coating time, return time, drying time and cycleparameters

Varibalecycle: 0-1000

Initialposition of the device in x=xo+ yxmicrometer/s between 1-280 mm

Whenthe device is moved manually, the coater covering can start from initialdistance.

Automaticallyreset device acceleration to zero

Makingthe film coating process with the device variable speed.

Thefilm coating time:  set on the screen

Whenthe device coats along the y-axis, the coating path of the device is 280x16mm.

Settingfrom 0-999 with film coating cycle

Dipand withdrawal  speeds: 0-10000micrometer/s


Documentationof the coater

ISO9001:2015 certificate and industry registration certificate, CE Certificate


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