FYTRONIXDIP COATER is a tool to  growth thin filmor quantum dots thin films. This DIP coater is widely used in ındustry andacademia. The film thickness of the films is controlled by the Ph of solutionor dipping cycle of the coater. The rate of withdrawal can be controlled witha  high degree of accuracy andreproducibility.


Dip-coatingprocess is one of the commonly used liquid-phase deposition method for theformation of thin films. The technology of this process is based on dipping asubstrate into a solution at a controlled rate.

Afterthe liquid component of this solution is dried, a solid thin film is remainedon the substrate. Thus, the importance of the adhesion and cohesive forcesbetween the dipped substrate and the solution is relevant in the process.

Film thicknesscan be determined by the following relation

    Vertical movement: 50mm, 100 mm or 200 mm or other

    Precision: 10 nm

    Speed range from 10nm/sec  to 10 mm/sec

Programmable dipping sequences and parameters

Start position

Coating length

Coating Speed

Return Speed

Dry time


Adjustable Travelling distance: 0-200 mm/min

Solution container: 150 ml

Sample weight: 0-250 gr

Beaker holder

Size: 3 inch (L)  x2 inch (W)

CE certificat


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