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About Us

Designing of easy-to-use, high-performance characterization and analysis devices to be used in scientific and technological research and to develop new products.




There are many reasons to choose us.


Fytronix Elektronic Devices competent in manufacturing and design

FYTRONIX scientific researches can provide all kinds of support for the production and characterization of all electronic devices such as solar cells, Schottky diodes, PN junction diodes, Photodiodes, Photodiodes, Photosensors, Gas sensors, Biosensors, Radiation sensors.



Fytronix Scientific is competent in Device Design and Development

FYTRONIX can provide any kind of support for designing and developing all kinds of devices to be used in scientific studies, providing new features to existing products and eliminating deficiencies.



Fytronix is ​​competent in Solar Energy

FYTRONIX Silicon Solar Cells, Paint Sensitive Solar Cells, Quantum Dots Solar Cells, Organic Solar Cells, Solar Panel Production and Characterization.



Competent in Fytronix Scientific Training

FYTRONIX can provide all kinds of support for the production and development of all kinds of semiconductors, metals, alloys and composite and electronic devices for scientific studies.



Fytronix competent in Electronics and Energy Technologies

FYTRONIX is able to provide all kinds of support for Battery, Chargeable Batteries, Thermoelectric devices, Supercapacitors, Fuel Cells and Solar Cells for energy applications.


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